About Us

We have always dedicated to helping students achieve their academic success, develop and efficient study routine, and discover the bliss in study.

Our team consists of alumni from the top 10 universities in Canada, and all teachers possess adequate professional knowledge and excellent teaching beliefs and attitudes.

Our courses are designed based on scientific and effective curricula. While standardize the teaching contents, we assure that students can gain practical and applicable knowledge in our classroom.

We have an intensive after-class tracking system—course consultants, tutors and teachers collaborate to follow up with students’ progress so that students as well as their parents are well informed of the latest learning status.

We always encourage and motivate students to read and ponder in their spare time, we believe in not only helping students reach their academic goals, but also guiding them to become social talents who are endowed with critical thinking and are the masters of knowledge.

Why choose Northview International Academy?

Northview International Academy specialize in helping students improve their academic performance and reduce the amount of time required to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Our long distance learning program offers flexible online learning experience, ideal for students who are interested in acquiring additional credits during the summer.

Why choose Northview International Academy?

  • Easy to complete course registration
  • Comprehensive courses available throughout the school year
  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Remote access across the globe
  • Wide range of courses available to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are eligible to apply?

A: All current high school students are eligible to register.

Q: Is there specific class time assigned to online courses?

A: No. Online courses are flexible to all enrolled students. Once students have registered for a course, they will have access to the learning materials at any time of the day.

Q: If I’m not in Canada, can I still have access to the online courses?

A: Yes. All online courses are designed to offer flexible learning experience to all of our students. Students will receive access to all learning materials remotely through their student portal.