About Us

We have always dedicated to helping students achieve their academic success, develop and efficient study routine, and discover the bliss in study.

Our team consists of alumni from the top 10 universities in Canada, and all teachers possess adequate professional knowledge and excellent teaching beliefs and attitudes.

Our courses are designed based on scientific and effective curricula. While standardize the teaching contents, we assure that students can gain practical and applicable knowledge in our classroom.

We have an intensive after-class tracking system—course consultants, tutors and teachers collaborate to follow up with students’ progress so that students as well as their parents are well informed of the latest learning status.

We always encourage and motivate students to read and ponder in their spare time, we believe in not only helping students reach their academic goals, but also guiding them to become social talents who are endowed with critical thinking and are the masters of knowledge.

Why choose Northview International Academy?

Northview International Academy specialize in helping students improve their academic performance and reduce the amount of time required to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Our long distance learning program offers flexible online learning experience, ideal for students who are interested in acquiring additional credits during the summer.

Math Tutoring Class

Grade 11

By Grade 11, students should have a relatively clear idea of which path they want to take. Do they want to go to college or university, or head straight into the workplace? Whatever the path, Northview International Academy’s Grade 11 math tutoring helps students get there. Students receive quality instruction in Northview International Academy's Grade 11 math tutoring program, helping them improve math comprehension. They also develop study skills, planning abilities, critical thinking skills, and confidence, as well as homework strategies to make math homework easier.

Grade 12

Northview International Academy's Grade 12 math tutoring program helps students extend their learning skills and mathematical comprehension.Whether a student is aiming for university, college, or the workplace,our math tutoring will boost math skills, and math grades. Students extend their math knowledge with Northview International Academy's Grade 12 math tutoring program. With our personalized approach to instruction, students focus on the areas that need the most attention, while developing lifelong learning skills they can rely on in post-secondary.

English Tutoring Class

Grade 11

With two years left of high school, the pressure is on for students who need to boost their English grades. Not only will your teen finish the year off strong with a Grade 11 English tutor from Northview International Academy, he or she will also gain reliable skills that will serve well throughout high school and well into post-secondary.

Our Grade 11 English tutoring program helps teens develop stronger thinking and learning skills, improving their comprehension in English and in all subjects. With stronger study, organization, and homework skills, better grades follow, not just for this grade or subject, but for all grades and subjects.

Grade 12

Whether your teen is graduating high school or staying for an extra year, get a grade 12 English boost with a Northview International Academy's tutor. The skills learned with our tutors don’t just help teens with Grade 12 English, they help teens get ready for English success in college and university. Our grade 12 reading and writing tutors provide students with the skills needed to write, proofread and edit a variety of writing forms. As well, each tutor gives every teen the confidence he or she needs to carry their creative and formal English writing skills all throughout adult life.

Science Tutoring Class

Grade 11

Northview International Academy's Grade 11 Physics tutor program helps students improve their grades, but also helps them improve their thinking and learning skills, such as: studying, thinking actively, strategic planning–transferable skills that help students in all subjects.

In Grade 11, students have a general idea of what path they’d like to take postsecondary school. If your teen is struggling to keep up in his/her chosen science class, Northview International Academy customized Grade 11 Chemistry tutoring program can help.

Grade 12

By grade 12, students should have a clear idea of their postsecondary path. If your teen has chosen to study science up to this point, but is struggling to keep up with the grade or would like to receive more outside instruction, our Grade 12 Physics tutoring program can help.

With Northview International Academy's Grade 12 Chemistry tutor program, students get a personalized approach to understanding Chemistry that narrows in on the areas that need the most attention, while also developing improved learning skills. That’s the Northview International Academy's difference.